Do you want to participate?

To bring editorial projects into reality, writers need your collaboration in two different aspects of the production process: the production funding and the project diffusion.

It is an essential part of the process. You participate in the book edition and publishing process and make it possible and, at the same time, it allows you to get a copy of the book cheaper than it will be once it is in the bookstores.

Contribution commitment
The contribution commitments are made by credit card, using a virtual point of sale system engaged to “Banc de Sabadell”. The system will be available during the contribution days assigned to every Project. You will only receive the charge for your contribution after 40 days and only if the Project has achieved its contribution objectives.
Every project presents a variety of contribution quantities related to a particular number of copies. The choice is always yours.
Once the collection is over for a project you are supporting, you will receive an email reporting if the fundraising has been successful. You will also receive an email with the charge in your account being confirmed.
It is very important that you keep your funding compromises. Should you have to cancel your contribution, you would have to communicate your decision by email before the ending of the fundraising campaign.

Contributions are, of course, needed to accomplish the realization of the projects. It is also very important, though, that you help to spread the word about the authors and their work through your relations and through the web.

Authors are always interested in fulfill their duties towards contributors, because if they do they will keep receiving support for future projects.
Once a project has been fully funded, authors will be legally obliged to finish the work as it was planned and to assure the reward chosen for every contribution.
Should they fail to fulfill their obligations, authors could face legal action. If the objectives of a particular project are not accomplished, we will fully reimburse the money invested.