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If you plan to publish a book, Realiza tu libro offers you the possibility of a simple process. We evaluate all proposals with the same rigor and interest, regardless of its budget, print run, genre or theme.


Send us an email with a complete description of the project or with the contents if you have them ready. We will study your proposal and get in touch with you to transform your project into a book.


The cost of this service is equivalent to 10% of the total amount of money collected in each crowd-funding campaign. However, we might consider a different option depending on the specific characteristics of each project, author or publisher who want to use this crowd-funding tool.



As a general rule the deadline for reaching the fundraising objectives of a project is 40 days. Once a budget has been agreed to and the amount of necessary fundraising determined, we will announce the project on our website.

Fundraising objective:

The fundraising objective is the amount of money needed to realize the project. We will create a personalized budget that will include production costs, the distribution of benefits and bank service charges.

Starting the project:

When starting a new project, we must first establish the fundraising objectives and the unit book price, that will determine the amount of the contributions and the number of books.


If the fundraising objective is not reached, the contribution commitments will be cancelled, since it will not be possible to offer a finished product of the quality anticipated when the fundraising was started. If this is the case, the proportional part of the advance money you had advanced as payment for banking commissions will be reimbursed.

If the fundraising objective is reached, the committed contributions are made with a credit card. If the funding objective is reached before the end of the contribution period deadline you can continue to receive commitments thus exceeding the initial funding expectations. In those cases where the initial budget is exceeded, the project will increase in quality or in quantity. If this is the case, you will have to provide additional money corresponding to the additional banking charges.

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Rewards are offered to the contributors of a project. In our case, since we ask for the pre-purchase of the book, those awards correspond to a certain amount of books, depending on the contribution.

The minimum contribution is 5€ and, in this case, the reward would be a mention in the book.


Abandoning the project

If the cancellation is made during the fundraising period, all contribution commitments will be annulled and no charges will be made to the account. If this happens once the contribution has been charged, we will return to everyone their contribution.

Any non-compliance of your commitments could cause legal action to be taken by us or the participants.

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